Currently Accepting

February 13-17: Open regular hours. Sale rack will be $1 and coats and snow pants are 25% off.
February 20-28: Store will be closed
March 1-3: Pre-season drop off for current consignors only. You can bring in 1 load of 30 freshly laundered, neatly folded spring/summer items. If you washed things before you put them away for the season they may be clean but they are no longer fresh, toss them in the wash before you bring them.  Please limit this week to clothes and shoes, no books, toys, etc. The things dropped off this week are not included in the End of Season Sale, but have the perk of being the first things to go out after the sale.
March 6-9: 50% off End of Season SALE
March 10: 75% off End of Season SALE
March 13-17: This week you can pick up any remaining items that did not sell if you want them back. When you come to pick up I will print out a list of your unsold items, you go around and collect them. I will assist if I am available. Please pick up no later than 12:00 PM on Saturday, at 12:01 PM I start bagging up the remaining items for donation.  You can also start dropping off spring/summer again this week. I will take spring/summer till approximately Memorial Day.
March 20: I will have the store changed to spring/summer clothes, good thing it is the first day of spring! New consignors can start dropping off this week.






Maternity:  Please see the How to Consign page for criteria on Maternity.

Holiday Items:  Any holiday items (i.e.. Christmas Dresses, Halloween Costumes, etc.) need to be dropped off no later than one month before the holiday.