Frequently Asked Questions

1)  What is currently being accepted?

For a list of what we are accepting, please see our Currently Accepting page.


2)  Do I need an appointment to bring in items?

No, you do not need an appointment. I do take items seasonally.  My season for fall items runs approximately August-November and February- May for summer items.  I only ask that you plan enough time to stay so that I can carefully go through all of your items and be as fair as possible with you. You can see how I sort, and what I am looking for.


3)  Where is the store located?

We are located at 200 South Main Street, just south of Eddie O’Brien’s.  If you would like Directions, please see our Contact Us page.


4)  Where can I park?

There is short-term parking right on Main Street directly in front of our store as well as Public Parking on Bristol Street.


5)  What items do you accept?

  • Clothes Newborn – Size 14
  • Shoes (sport, dance, water)
  • Dance and gymnastic leotards
  • Jackets, coats, snow pants
  • Children’s DVD’s
  • Books
  • Cloth Diapers
  • Large items by appointment- excer-saucers, strollers, bouncers


6)  What do you not accept?

We are unable to accept the following types of items:

  • Location oriented clothing. (i.e.. Darien Lake, Niagara Falls, etc)
  • Clothing with dates such as “Christmas 2002”.
  • Any item designed to go in the mouth such as Bottles, Teethers, Silverware.
  • Car seats, bike helmets, life vests, VHS tapes.


7)  How are items priced?

Items are priced at approximately 70% off the original retail price.


8)  How do I get paid?

When your items are sold, the payments are applied to your account.  From there, you can apply your funds to any purchase in our store, cash out, or you can call and request a check to be mailed to you if you prefer.  Any funds left on an account that is inactive for a period of 18 months rolls over to the store.


9)  Is this the same store that was in South Bristol/Main Street Canandaigua?

Yes, this is the same “as we grow” store that you are familiar with, carrying quality used children’s clothes at affordable prices.  I am the third owner of the business.  I purchased the business from April Karley, who purchased from Nancy Langmead.  I bought the store in July of 2009 and spent the month of August moving the store to the current location.  I opened doors at 10:00AM on September 8th 2009, one hour after I dropped my son off at his first day of Kindergarten.


10)  Where do you donate clothes to?

When I am able to, I do try to keep my donations local.  Some of my regular donation sites include  ‘The Community Support Shop’ in Bloomfield and The Friendship House in Middlesex.  There is a clothing closet in Canandaigua that I donate to as well.  There is also a family that runs a  free clothing closet for foster families in Ontario County.